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Why Estonia

Estonia is a land of ancient traditions and medieval architecture, but also of technological advancement. Walk along the walled streets of Tallinn's old town, and you will find it difficult to believe that the next killer app is being brewed just behind those massive ancient structures.

Medieval culture extends beyond architecture. Food is big in Estonia with many establishments working hard to revive recipes from Estonia's ancient past and with authentic ingredients from those times. By extension, Estonia has a vibrant culinary life boasting several establishments of international renown.

From a very long list of attractions in Estonia, we could highlight Tallinn's Medieval Old-Town, an impressive labyrinth of cobblestone streets, grandiose walls, and stunning sentry towers which includes the famous Kiek in de Kök, once the tallest building in the city. Muhu, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa & Vormsi, four of the largest islands contained in the Estonian archipelago. Out of a total of more than 2500 islands. Helsinki, located just a stone throw from Tallinn's coast, The Finnish capital is a must to visit, especially during the summer.

We invite you to get in touch with one of our team members who would gladly guide you through the entire list of attractions available in Estonia.

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