“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” - Hilaire Belloc

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Amber Tours focuses attention into a number of premium destinations situated in Scandinavia, The Baltic States and Eastern Europe. From the cosmopolitanism of Copenhagen to rough enchantment of Rovaniemi, from the slick purity of Helsinki to spiritual history of Krakow, Amber Tours has comprehensive itineraries that aim to immerse and challenge your senses. Tours professionally designed to make the most out of your customer's stay, filling their precious time with fine meals, lovely experiences and sheer enjoyment. Great tour packages at competitive prices it's a combination that has made Amber Tours one of the leading DMCs for more than ten years.


Lithuania is a lovely country of vast plains, fertile forests, and historic cities. Nature is ubiquitous even in the most populated cities. Take Vilnius for instance, like all capital cities Vilnius has a buzzing urban center but there is green everywhere you look. Just take a 10-minute drive out of the city and you will find yourself in the middle of pine forests, infinite meadows, or crystal green lakes.


Latvia is sandwiched between Estonia and Lithuania. But Latvia is at the center of the Baltic States for more than just geographical reasons. Ever since the days of the Hanseatic League, Latvia has been the economic center of the Baltic States and, although Latvia's economy stagnated during the Soviet occupation, during the 90s the country undertook long strides to regain its position as a financial powerhouse for the region. Today, Latvia is a fully-fledged member of the European Union and the common currency.


Soon, it is quite possible, Estonia would become the first country in the world to have more start-ups and inhabitants. It all began with Kazaa and Skype, two applications that revolutionized Per-to-Per and then Voice-Over-IP technologies. Nowadays, such technologies are ubiquitous in other apps like Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, and many more.


Finland is to winter what winter is to Finland. You would think that temperatures reaching -40 Celsius would persuade anyone to ever visit Finland is to winter what winter is to Finland. You would think that temperatures reaching -40 Celsius would persuade anyone to ever visit the country in winter. The reality, however, is very different. In winter, Finland is sold out. Unless you plan for your vacation well in advance, you won't find a centimeter of land where to stay.


Norway is a synonym with the Northern Lights. And yes it is true, you can see them in Sweden and Finland as well, but somehow Norway has become a household name for the sighting of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena on Earth!


If there is one word that describes Denmark better than any other, that word is "Hygge", which means: making people feel at home. No wonder Denmark has been named "the world's most liveable country" by the OECD. The Danes are characteristically laid back, not too prone to formalities, and have a great sense of humor. They are all about the conservation of their environment and the quality of living.


Welcome to Sweden, the mystic land of Volvos, meatballs, and Ikea. But perhaps Sweden's largest contribution to the world has been in music bands. There is Ace of Base, Roxette, The Cardigans, Europe, Steve Angello, Crazy Frog, The Hives, Meshuggah, Dada Life, José González, and of course ABBA. Sweden has no less than 80 classical composers and 150 rock bands.


Poland is a very musical country, home of great composers like Frédéric Chopin and Wojciech Kilar. In Poland, there is music wherever you may go. It is not uncommon to find street musicians in Warsaw playing one of Chopin's famous Mazurkas, Waltz or Polonaises. The rich cultural environment of Poland is certainly overwhelming.


Despite its vast territory, Ukraine is a country that remains undiscovered to the traveler's eyes. Possessing a distinct cultural heritage, Ukraine is warm and welcoming to the traveler. And that comes together with multiple possibilities of outdoor activities like mountain biking, cycling, hiking, along with other less calory-intense activities like foraging for mushrooms and berries.
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