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Surf and safaris - fun under the Midnight Sun in Northern Norway

2021 05 31

It's one o'clock in the morning, and the Midnight Sun is shining. North of the Arctic Circle the summer days last for months and make both locals and visitors happy, energetic and light-hearted.

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon in which the sun is above the horizon at midnight. And the rest of the night. And all day long. And yes, it is the same sun as all over the world.

The Midnight Sun is seen in all countries above the Arctic Circle. However, Norway's far north is much more accessible than most Arctic areas. In fact, you can fly all the way up to Svalbard, halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, on commercial flights. In mainland areas of Northern Norway, there are cities, towns, villages, roads and infrastructure. This means you can explore effortlessly and without danger 24/7 all year round.

The whole Northern Norway region is rich in natural beauty, dramatic landscapes, fascinating culture, charming towns, and with so much daylight invites to a multitude of exciting adventures, fun activities and interesting encounters.

Here are suggestions to some of the experiences visitors can enjoy in Northern Norway when it will be possible to travel again.

Wildlife safaris

Guided wildlife safaris will bring you safely into a unique animal kingdom, and in Northern Norway this means whales, birds, moose, reindeer, walruses, even king crabs.
Puffins, white tailed eagles, kittiwakes, cormorants, northern gannets are just some of the birds you can observe in Northern Norway.

There are several species of whales roaming in the Northern Norway's waters; sperm whales, humpbacks, killer whales, and on Svalbard you can even encounter blue whales, belugas and fin whales - the world's second largest animal. You can even hang out with reindeer during their migration. Visit Natives offers a six day migration safari with reindeer in the spring.

Beach life and water activities

Because of the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, the waters of Northern Norway actually invites to a variety of activities. Along the coast you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Norway. Haukland Beach was just recently named as the best beach in Europe by Lonely Planet. Sun-bathing under the Midnight Sun?

You can go island hopping by kayak or canoe, salt water and fresh water fishing, diving, swimming and even surfing. Unstad Beach in Lofoten has become one of the hot spots for surfers from all over the world - even in winter. Or what about diving in the world's strongest maelstrom, Saltstraumen, near Bodø?

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