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We intend to be leading DMC, providing quality incoming travel services as well as personal and tailored solutions for all types of events to our international travel trade partners. We are always trying to improve not only our work but the environmental aspects of the countries we operate and even the entire world. We believe, that only sustainable company can make the earth a greener, safer place for all living things. Our sustainability vision is to reduce and to compensate CO2 emission and usage of natural resources, to teach our customers and partners how to care about the future of the Earth, to have a great working conditions in our office and to use creative solutions to add more value to our products, region and the whole planet.

We set our vision and our goals that guide our tour operations towards sustainability in tourism in the coming period 2017-2022:

1. To promote cultural values, diversity and heritage with the sustainable way of enjoying it and keeping up with the needs of the local community, environment and our clients:
It is going to be reached by including optional sustainability fee, which would be used to support local communities, donate to the weak social groups. It will be added to our new programs.
We are also going to making short introduction about the specifics of the Baltic inside our travel packages and programs (Do's and Dont‘s of the region).
In 2018 - 2019 getting new programs, which will be specially adjusted programs into slow tourism branch.

2. To enhance social inclusiveness and happiness of the Amber Tours workers and partners:
After completing our mission to be recognized as Sustainable company we are doing special few days sustainability training for whole Amber Tour team. We are going to repeat it annually with an updates about newest trends and ways to become even more better. During this meeting we will promote our colleagues sharing positive experience among each other.
We are planning to increase our participation in more events to promote social responsibility and sustainability. From 2 - 3 events we are participating anually we would try it to increase into 5 or more events.
Since becoming real Travelife parner we are going to make questionnaires for our workers, partners and clients, which can help for us to see how we can improve even more.

3. To use all the resources efficiently, with a care of environmental protection and climate change:
We will strive to use energy more efficiently and aim to reduce 20% of energy use for the period from 2017 - 2022. Same thing is planning to do with the usage of water and waste.
To stay against hunting and other things, which can hurt the wildlife. To refuse to work with people, who does not respect our point of view.
We are also going to continue our work with the options, which can help to reduce the emission of CO2 - like the engagement of the usage of public transportation/bicyles or even walking.

4. To find out the right way to accelerate growth of our company, while committing to provide the best, most sustainable services possible for our customers:
Check-up with partners for sustainability issues at least once a Year. 
Meanwhile signing any new contracts - include special reamarks about sustainability and social responsibility. 
Use message inside the letters - Go green, keep it on the screen! Also to avoid printing out any unnecessary information.
To increase social media use for sustainability ideas and presenting the good practice. At least 6 times a Year to use Facebook/web page/ newsletters which includes our updates about sustainable way of living.
Dedicate our accommodation priorities for the sustainable transportation companies and the hotels (for the situations, where are we choosing for our client).

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